Sub-60 10km!

Yesterday I accidentally ran 10km.  I meant to run 8km, a first foray down the canal path that Mr. Neon has recently been running.  I got to the 4km turn around point and decided to keep going, intending to take a shortcut home.  Then, I just didn’t.  I felt good enough and I decided to go.  And, I’m so glad I did because I would have been really disappointed if I’d realised that I was on track to run a sub-60 minute 10km and had cut it short.  As you can see from the laps breakdown (my Garmin is set to auto-lap at 1km intervals) I also managed a negative split – I actually raced myself to the 5km mark, looking down at the Garmin at an opportune time to see that I was fast approaching both 5km and 30 minutes and so really pushed hard to make it.

The route itself is wonderful – and it will prove to be really great for long distance marathon and ultra-marathon training.  Although I’m not sure how far the path goes, the canal itself goes a lot of the way to Nottingham.

What I really need to do is start thinking about how to use my heart-rate information – I still need to do a heart rate lactate threshold workout, and I need to really nut out a good  marathon training plan.  There is 20 weeks until Vienna City, and I’ve got a marathon guide so I’m going to start working that out to start soon!  The other thing I’m looking at is some new shoes (don’t tell Mr. Neon!  He already thinks I’ve got too many shoes!) I’ve been wondering about the On shoes (you can check them out here:  I’m looking specifically at the Cloudrunner (endurance) or the Cloudsurfer (performance) and wonder if anyone has tried them and could recommend or not?

On the topic, Mr. Neon and I recently slipped into the Running Show in London (for literally half an hour!  It’s all we had time for!).  I got a running skirt from (surprise!) Running Skirts, and also got some arm warmers.  Both came with me on the 10km run and so far so good!  The skirt was wonderful – much more comfortable than the Nike running skirt I have (which I had to cut the silly little shorts out of – not small enough to be briefs, too small to be shorts).  The arm warmers are great, though I can see they’d not be everyone’s cup of tea.  I like to run in just a shirt but sometimes it’s just too cold.  Taking a jacket out I often get too hot once I get going – the brilliant things about the arm warmers is that you can go out with full arms and just push them down little by little.

Anyway – so that’s a thumbs up for the skirt and the arm warmers.  A hopeful good review of what is a quite expensive shoe (too expensive to just splash out on in case!) will come from someone.  And, hopefully a few more great runs in the mix!


One thought on “Sub-60 10km!

  1. terrybjohnson says:

    Sometimes I accidentally run longer than I intended and my running buddies don’t seem to understand when I tell them I accidentally ran longer. I went out Saturday a week ago intending to do 8 miles and felt GREAT so I “accidentally” ran 14 miles instead. I am glad to hear of your accidental run! Keep up the good work!

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