It feels like I’ve never run before…

Today I ran.  Finally.  I haven’t been running though the life-funk (even though I most certainly should have been doing so!) I ran with Mr. Neon and baby Neon came along for the ride.  We ran down to our local pool – just over a 4 1/2km run, and Mr. Neon did a 1km pool time trial (which you will no doubt be able to read about pretty soon over at Tin Man Adventures) and baby Neon and I spent a bit of time splashing around in the baby pool, and then a little bit of time relaxing in the pool as a family.

Mr. Neon and I tried to convince ourselves that we could catch the bus home.  In the end we ran, and I am go glad that we did.  We stopped at 4km, because my calves were feeling as though they were encased in concrete and although I live by the ‘train though pain to race though pain’ motto, I thought they could use a stretch out.  8 1/2km my first run back is good enough.

Running with Neon Crew (a.k.a the family) is great, but it doesn’t have the same mental benefits as solo running (or even running with baby Neon in the buggy), so I still need to get out tomorrow for a long run and to sort some things out in my brain.  The funk isn’t over, I’m just coming up the other side – I need to sort some things out before I slide back into the depths…


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