Pre-marathon-training training starts today

My pre-marathon-training-plan training plan started today.  That is, the training plan I want to get done and dusted before I start actual marathon training.  The main goal for this time is to work on my base speed.  At the moment, I think I could pretty comfortably settle into a 6:30/km pace and run forever.  That’s what I did at Run To The Beat, and that would give me a pretty respectable first marathon time of 4:34:16.  To run sub-4:30 I would need to be running 6:24/km pace.  To get myself even the entry level timed Xempo shirt* I’d need to run 6:02/km.  So, the goal is pretty much to try and get my base-pace to 6:00/km.  Not only would this see me run Vienna comfortably sub-4:15, it would also give be undying bragging rights over Mr.Neon’s first-marathon time – having eaten more than 45 minutes off his Edinburgh marathon time.**

So, what all that actually means is that I’m starting to think about post-half, pre-marathon training.  At the moment it’s looking something like this:

Run 1: Long Run (my favourite run of the week!)

Run 2: Medium distance tempo (medium distance compared to long run – 3/4 of long run distance where that is 12km or under; 1/2 of long run distance where that is over 12km.

Run 3: Speedwork intervals

Run 4: Alternate weeks 5km time trial and endurance intervals (time trial will switch to 10km in 8 weeks)

I have never liked plans that specify that runs must be done on a certain day.  The uncertainty of life with a one-year-old means that some days I’m actually too tired to do a really hard session, and some days she’s primed to sleep in the running buggy for an hour and a half, which would be wasted on a short run.  So, I do the runs as I see fit, as long as I get them all done.  The 4 runs a week plan starts on Sunday (the first day of my running week).  I haven’t done a lot of running since the half-marathon, so this is sort of a get-back-into-running for the next few days.  As such, I felt I should start with a 5km time trial to see where I’m at.

So, I’m not unhappy with the result.  I ran the 5km in 29:33, and got faster as I went (those that read my Run to the Beat race report will know how stoked I am by negative splits!)  So here is the breakdown:

Here’s the problem: 5:54 is not that much faster than 6:00 (obviously!) and it was hard out – so I have a lot of work to do to make 6:00 my base pace.  If I could barely sustain it for 5km, then I have no hope at all to keep it going for 42.5km!

Here’s the rest:


I need to do a lactate threshold heart rate workout, because I have only been wearing the heart rate monitor for a few runs and I’d like to understand the data and how I can use it for my workouts.  I’d also really like to get a footpod so I can track my cadence, and work on that as well.

I’m excited.  I’m very excited to be at the start of a new program.  I have a big run behind me and am moving forward now!

*For the record, Mr. Neon has 1 black (untimed) Marathon shirt and 1 orange (sub-1:55) Half-marathon shirt.  I didn’t buy one after Run To The Beat because I didn’t qualify for a colour, and I knew that I would want to get a marathon shirt – that way, if I don’t qualify for one of the timed marathon coloured shirts, I can get a black one.

**Not that it’s a competition.


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