November is typically a month of novel writing and growing mustaches.  It’s now also the month of academic writing of all shapes and sizes.  My

AcWriMo started a little late – due to an ill one-year-old Neon baby I just didn’t want to commit the time to meeting goals that I knew I wouldn’t meet.  Any baby is a handful, but a sick baby is especially so, and I just didn’t want to take the chance.  So, I started AcWriMo late, and now I’m pushing my starting date back to today (for various silly reasons including deciding to rearrange the living room on a whim).  Thus: I will run from today (November 7th) to December 7th.  I also originally said (rather publicly and brashly) that I was going to finish the chapter of my thesis that I’m working on by the end of the week:

Um… yeah, right.  So, here are my actual goals for the next month.  They are ambitious, but that’s kind of the point.

:Finish Chapter 5 – not by the end of the week but by the end of November, giving the first week of December for editing.
:Write an abstract for the Death conference.  Abstracts are due in eight days.  Have a draft by tomorrow.
:Edit largest section of Chapter 2 into a stand-alone essay, for Grote Prize submission.  Submissions are due November 30th; first pass at editing should be done by this coming Sunday.
:Begin work on Chapter 3.  I’m not sure why I’ve been putting this chapter off (I have so far written Chapters 1,2,4 and now working on 5!).  Just begin.

December 8th to the end of the year shall be a grand time of editing.  My overall plan is to have my entire thesis written (in draft form) by Thursday May 9th (or, if possible, earlier).  That way I can send it to my supervisor, and not worry about it while I’m on holidays in Australia with my family.  In many ways it’s good that we can go for Christmas, because I’d have to spend so much time working anyway.

So, for now, I am going to sign off and get working on that abstract!


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