Steps, words, ear-infections and other parenting milestones

Neon baby is really only just a baby.  Yesterday evening she walked clear across our living room all on her own.  She’s saying ‘bye’, and although she uses it interchangeably as both to say goodbye and to say hello, it’s pretty clear that she’s using it in a systematic way with the intention of greeting.  And, she knows it goes with a wave.  She’s growing up and she’s starting to explore the way the world works.  Which is a simultaneously exciting and terrifying thing for a parent.  That’s part of the reason that I’ve now joined the ranks of parents who own a leash for their child.  Well… sort of.  Today we bought her a LittleLife Animal daypack – you can see the backpack on her here.  We decided to go for the dinosaur design.  One of the features is a detachable leash – they call it a rein but honestly I don’t see the difference.  At least we didn’t get her one of those actual harnesses.

This same child also has an ear-infection.  Her first ever real illness.  Because of that, I suspect, she’s also got a pretty bad cold and so she is stuffed to the gills with snot.  It’s awful for her and for us.  For a few night we were all getting very little sleep and 4am screaming sessions seemed to be the norm in our lives.  She’s been on antibiotics for three days now and today she was finally back to herself – well, around 90%, but that’s significantly better than she has been.  It’s nice to not have a whingy, sick, ill baby who hates life and can’t understand why you can’t make her feel better.  It’s nice to not have those sad, accusatory eyes looking up at you.

So for now, all is normal in Casa di Neon.


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