The week that was.


I have been feeling like life is kicking my arse a bit recently, and I am spread so thin that everything is only getting the very bare minimum to pass. But, looking back on the week it seems that’s not at all true.

I came painfully close to running 50 kilometers last week! It was definitely my biggest training week so far, which is understandable when you consider that I had a 16km long run on Tuesday followed by a 15km long run on Sunday. That’s way more than half my week right there. I started tapering today, just as I am starting to feel excited about running again so limiting myself to two short runs this week will be tough, I think. But, I am super excited for my first half-marathon on Sunday, and I feel more than ready for it, even though I will run at a blisteringly slow pace! My gold time is sub-2.10, silver is sub-2.20 and bronze is sub-2.30. So rather than kicking my arse, running is on the up-and-up.

My teaching and tutoring are both going okay. I could often be more prepared for both, but I am feeling pretty happy with it all. One of my students asked me to write them a recommendation! Of course as an under-paid sessional staff member I’m not allowed to do anything of the sort. This actually promotes the best possible outcome for me – getting the glory of being chosen without having to do the work! Win-win-win.

My thesis could be going better, but quite honestly it could be going much worse. I have discovered a section I need to write in a chapter I thought I’d finished ages ago, bit it was actually borne out of a conversation in which I convinced someone of the overall argument of the chapter. In doing so, I realised that the chapter doesn’t say it as clearly as I would like. I need to meet with my supervisor about things I need to do in my last year. I’d like to graduate with a publication, preferably two. And I’d like to win the Grote Prize this year. All that will take a bit of work, but I’m feeling rather optimistic about it.

Finally, the most important part of my life: Mr. Neon is finding his training groove again and is feeling good after signing up for next year’s Ironman UK. I worry about his running, but that’s what I do. You can, if you like, follow his progress at Tin Man Adventures. Baby Neon took her first independent steps today. Two of them. I almost cried!


I can’t believe my little baby girl is growing up so fast! I am still in shock that her first birthday has been and gone!

The only part of my life that is really frustrating right now is my immigration status. It looks as though we will have to postpone our trip to Australia to see our families over Christmas. I am in the process of applying for indefinite leave to remain and it’s not called a process for nothing! Oh my.

But, I really can’t complain. Things are good, and reflecting on the week that’s been makes me see that.

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