Disconnect and connect (or, how does one get more for their GPS watch)

I did it. Yesterday, in fact. After a lot of back and forwarding, a lot of reading reviews on DCRainmaker, a lot of talking with Mr. Neon, and at least one other blog post.* I want to make sure I don’t end up in this situation again. I want to buy something that suits the runner I am now, but also the runner I think I will be in four or five years. I think that runner will be running ultras.** Given that, I wanted a watch with a long active battery life and while there are ways to charge-on-the-run, so to speak, it seems easier to start with something that’s at least 12+ hours.

So, what did I buy? Not the Forerunner 610. Although it has all the features I want in a watch the 8 hour active battery life turned me off a little. So, I ended up with a Forerunner 310XT. It also covers me in the (unlikely, I think) event that I follow Mr. Neon’s lead and wind up swim-bike-running through life (and, hey, my dad ended his career as a marathoner with a few years of sprint and olympic triathlons!)

So, now the wait. And then trying to get to grips with a new watch before my first half-marathon in 9 days!

*I say at least one other because while only one was published, I did write a full follow-up that was eaten by the sometimes unpredictable Word Press app (for Android, to those who.are interested) and I started another at home that was abandoned in favour of playing with baby Neon.

**This ‘prediction’ comes off the back of three main things. First is my interest in ultra marathon, second – and related – is that I enjoy running a long time, and what constitutes a ‘long time’ is getting longer and longer as I get fitter. I am always much more excited and motivated by a distance PB than a time-related one. Third is that there is really only a few possible places that runners go after the marathon: to the couch, to triathlon, to trying to better their marathon time or trying to better their marathon distance.


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