An open letter to Nike

I have blogged before about my Nike+ SportWatch GPS and how much I love it. And, that’s still very true, but there are a few things that have been troubling me lately. On the back of these concerns I strongly suspect that I will end up replacing my SportWatch with a Garmin (probably the 610, so the comparison is a little unfair I suppose).

I bought my SportWatch when I was a brand spanking new runner. Only my first few feeble runs are not recorded on it. But, I have become a very different runner than I thought I would become and I have found that I have outgrown the capabilities of the SportWatch. I want things like Virtual Pacer, and to be able to program sessions into my watch. I don’t just want to run a casual 5k three times a week to stay fit, I want to push my own boundaries and get fit, fast, and be able to run for a really long time (speaking of, I’ve also been looking at the Suunto Ambit, which has a great active battery life but lacks some of the run-specific features I’d like).

So, I feel stuck. I love my SportWatch, but I am getting more and more frustrated with its lack of features. This is all the more enhanced because Mr. Neon uses a Garmin 910X and doesn’t use even half of the super-cool features (though does use the swim and bike features, so its still the best watch for him, plus it was a first marathon present from baby Neon and me). All this isn’t helped one iota by the cool new.white and blur 610 that’s been released.

It looks like I’ll become a Garmin wearer sooner than I ever thought…

Posted on-the-run on my HTC One X


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