How to organise your life around two-hour runs.

I’ve mentioned recently that my motivation has (had?) been flagging a little bit recently. I honestly believe that this has a little bit to do with me losing a load of washing (yes, I know, it’s a little bit of a ridiculous notion losing a load of washing, nonetheless I managed it). In this load of washing were my two favourite running shirts – the shirts I pull on because they inspire me to run, because the memories of runs completed in them spurs me on and because they make me feel great.

The first is my Nike Lunar Run shirt. It’s a black, Nike Dri-fit t-shirt that I was given for participating in the (shock) Nike Lunar Run. It was the launch of the new Lunarglide and Nike ran a competition for Nike+ users to come to a special event run to celebrate. At the run – 5km around London’s West End – the 60 winners were each given this shirt and a free pair of Lunarglides, pre-release! In one way it is the knowing that only 65ish (winners and pacers) runners from that night who have this t-shirt that motivates me. I ran most of that run at the very back, but I was still there running.

The second, and hands down my absolute favourite running shirt, is from another Nike event. This time it was slightly more people – 500 runners plus pacers – and was called the Legends Run Forever run. It was the culmination of a project run by Nike after the amazing Paula Radcliffe pulled out of the London 2012 Olympic Marathon due to injury. Runners spent weeks dedicating mileage to Paula and she appeared for a Q and A (along with Carl Lewis) at the run. The shirt is a white Nike Dri-fit that has Legends Run Forever emblazoned across it in gold. You cannot be unmotivated wearing a shirt that says that. You just seriously cannot.

Finding these shirts has made my motivation explode! Last night I was a horrible 50 meters from 9km, and this morning did a really great 16km. I’m feeling wonderful, and I’m excited about running again.

Today’s run was, itself, fairly boring. Multiple laps of each of our three local parks. It’s the longest run I’ve done with baby Neon in the running buggy, so I naturally came up a little slower than I had wanted to run but I’m not concerned. I had wanted to run 20km, but a mixture of my bad time management and baby Neon’s current unpredictable nap schedule meant I left the house later than I needed to and had to cut the run short at the 16km mark. After that I bounded up the stairs (ouch), whizzed through the shower and was out the door and on the bike within 20 minutes of getting home from the run. And, I haven’t really stopped since. I am looking forward to Mr. Neon cooking dinner and letting me lounge on the couch. After rolling out my legs… which is going to hurt!

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