It’s Berrylicious!


This is my vegan, mixed berry super smoothie. In no particular order throw into a blender a few big spoonfuls of soy yoghurt, a decent whack of almond milk and the same of orange (or apple) juice, a big handful of raspberries* and a similar amount of blueberries, a slightly smaller handful of blackberries and some red seedless grapes. Throw in a teaspoon of chia seeds and two tablespoons (or whatever the serving recommendation is) of soy (or pea) protein powder. Whizz. Drink.

*I buy big packets of fresh organic berries and put them right in the freezer. This serves two purposes: I have amazing berries on hand all the time and it means the smoothy doesn’t require ice but is still nice and cold. Also, if you’ve never eaten a big raspberry right out of the freezer on a 42 degree day, you’re missing out on a fundamental part of life (Even taking away the 42 degree day!)
*Feel free to add strawberries. I don’t put them in because I’m allergic, but my husband does.
*Often I make the smoothie minus the protein powder and mix it into my 1 year old’s porridge. Then add the powder, mix again – and hey presto! – breakfast for both of us.

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