I love my Townie

As the title banner indicates, I am a brand new bicycler. Until very recently I had not owned or regularly ridden a bike since I was in grade 6 (that was twenty-two years ago for those playing along at home) and I had a pretty bad accident, in which I lost both of my front teeth.

Two new-years ago, Mr. Neon and I went to Paris, where I was persuaded to get on one of the Parisian Boris-bike-equivalents. I came home determined to get a bike. Instead I got pregnant, and my dreams of cycling around London being chic evaporated.

But now baby Neon is big enough for a bike seat and so my bike-lust returned just in time for Mr. Neon to get a new bike.
Long story short (involving Mr. Neon’s bike being stolen days before his first triathlon) I ended up getting – finally – an übercool bike. So here she is, in all her glory: my Electra Townie 7D.


Posted on-the-run on my HTC One X


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